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The high quality of our products begins here. Our foundry is well equipped with two induction furnaces, latest sand moulding machines, knockout and shot blasting machines and sand core processing section. With high standards of casting and optimised process controls we are able to manufacture Grey Iron and Ductile Iron components with desired sand compositions and physical properties.


Our Machining facility is equipped with the latest CNC, VMC and HMC machines. Adding on to that line up we are also equipped with Balancing machine, Induction Ring Gear Heating machine etc., depending on our customer requirements. This line up enables us to achieve a product profile with desired tolerance and successfully machine product profiles depending on our customer needs.

Sr.No. Name Quantity
1 CNC Turning Lathe 8 Nos.
2 Vertical Machining Centers 5 Nos.
3 Horizontal Machining Center 2 Nos.
4 Balancing Machine 2 Nos.
5 Induction Ring Gear Heating Machine 1 No.